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Horizon Europe of La Rochelle is a resource structure which provides information, support, training, and professional aid to present an individual or collective project in a European dimension.

Accessible for all the youngsters in the agglomeration of La Rochelle and its community, as well as for associations which want to develop projects in the frame of the European Youth Programme, the platform:

  • Develops the feeling of togetherness and the European consciousness through knowledge, information and encounters…
  • Favours the mobility between the youth
  • Gives an opportunity to the youngsters to experience their autonomy-capacity, to train themselves, to discover new cultures, in one word: to enrich their lives
  • Pays particular attention to youngsters with difficulties so that they would not be excluded of this method

The different actions implemented by the platform are the followings:

  • Develop an information action and a valorisation for the European Youth Programme between the youngsters and the associations.
  • Coordinating encounters for young people between 15 and 25 letting them to meet one or more other country around a common topic with the implication of the young people in every level of the project
  • European Voluntary Service:

For every young person between 18 and 25 it is possible to live an experience abroad and to do a service in a project of general interest. The European Voluntary Service stands on three fundamental principles:

  1. On one hand it lets young people to live an extraordinary experience during 6-12 months: discover another culture, prepare for the insertion in the active life, learn a foreign language
  2. On the other hand it provides an aid for the associations and local communities for the development of local non-profit activities
  3. Finally, it lets encourage the construction of new partnerships on a European level, and the exchange of experiences and practices.

So the Plateforme Europe of Association Horizon is:

  1. A place for reception of young people and support for the local associations to let them develop this kind of activity by coordinating the reception projects of the other structures from the agglomeration.
  2. A resource structure to let young people from La Rochelle go abroad in the frame of the EVS (help in presenting the project, supporting the young persons, managing the foreign partnership network, etc…)